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Five Reasons


Five Reasons You Should Choose Us (Luxurious Apartments – Modest Pricing – Exceptional Service –One Call Solution – City Experts)

Luxurious Apartments

We understand that many companies can provide you a furnished apartment, but we provide you a temporary home where we would be comfortable staying with our own families.  We do that by listening to you and understanding the little things that differentiate a house from a home.  Essentially, your definition of luxury is what matters to us.  Tell us about the purpose of your visit, your budget, length of stay, location and what is important to you and we will provide you a luxury temporary new home.  In addition, share with us those individualized furnishings that would make you feel more at home and our team will begin crafting your temporary home based on your specific needs.  There is no place like home, but Optimus comes very close!

Modest Pricing

Due to our extensive experience, we have great relationships with many of our partner properties and vendors, which allows us to often receive discounted prices.  In addition, we have made large capital investments in the furniture, electronics and furnishings we provide in our apartments, resulting in lower operating costs.  Additionally, we have made a significant investment in the industry leading software and technology infrastructure, allowing us to streamline operations and run Optimus in an integrated manner.  All these measures add up in cost savings and various other efficiencies.  We believe our cost of doing business is considerably lower than many of our competitors, resulting in cost savings for our customers without comprising luxury.  Pick up the phone and call us and see how we can save you money and time on your temporary housing needs 888-676-4189.

Exceptional Service

Every company claims to offer good service, but Optimus understands that in the age of Social Media our customer service can make or break us.  Exceptional service is embedded in our company’s DNA.  To us it’s not just about excellent service, it is about an amazing customer experience.  This is why we believe in a Customer Centric Approach at Optimus. What that means is that prior to making any decision, we ask our selves this question, “How is this going to impact our customer’s experience?”  With this mindset we have designed every aspect of our business to cater to our customers.  To get a taste of that experience, call us at 888-676-4189 and get in touch with our housing experts.

One Call Solution

At Optimus it’s all about an amazing customer experience.  We understand that no amount of information posted on the website can be a substitute for the human element.  Speaking with someone who can answer specific questions is what we prefer when we are shopping for product and services ourselves and we believe most of our customers feel the same way.  This is the reason we provide 24-hours a day, seven days a week live housing experts to answers your questions.  So pick up the phone and call us to see how easy it is to get the information you need at 888-676-4189.

City Experts

We are exceptionally knowledgeable of Austin, Dallas and Houston.  These are the hometowns for many of our team members and we can help you make them yours.  From dentists to dog sitters and from high end shopping to bargain hunters’ paradise, we’ve got you covered.  We will help you get adjusted and our experts will go out of their way to help you find what you need in any one of these cities so you can call it home quickly.  We have a complete list of local, recommended partners within easy reach of your apartment community, as well as specific coupons, discounts and offers specifically for our guests.  Sometimes, the simplest actions speak the loudest.

Contact Us Now

Optimus team members are here 24 hours to assist you with any relocating details. Call us now to get the process started.

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